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Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV has had a tweak or two for the 2017 model revised styling and stop-start technology to petrol models to improve urban fuel consumption. ECB are in the process of designing frontal protection for the Limited and Lorado models, so stay tuned for more.

Mitsubishi ASX is a convenient, economical and inexpensive, well appointed SUV and now has a fresh new face. ECB are just starting R&D on the 2017 face lifted model, designing a range of bars specifically for the Mitsubishi ASX – providing excellent bumper protection while retaining sleek and sporty aesthetics.ResizedR&D

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Do you own a Toyota SUV or 4×4?

If you are the proud owner of a Toyota 4WD or SUV, or are you considering buying one?  You may want to consider purchasing ECB vehicle frontal protection for your Toyota.muddriving_headerIt’s not only off-roaders who need protection, many of Australia’s roads are rife with various wildlife.  Animal collisions are more likely at dawn and dusk, when visibility on the roads is decreased, when the Australian wildlife tend to be more active.  Reports indicate that during school holidays, long weekends and the beginning and end of daylight saving time animal-related accidents on our roads increase dramatically. Read More

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What are the benefits of being an Australian manufacturer?

As a proud Australian company, East Coast Bullbars (ECB) have been producing frontal protection products of the highest technical and quality standards since 1972. AustralianMadeWith a facility spanning almost 12,000 square metres, ECB manufacture bullbars and nudge bars to suit passenger, SUV and light commercial vehicles, including vans, trucks and buses, right here in Brisbane Australia.

Now celebrating 45 years in the industry, ECB are very proud to provide local products built for Australian consumers and conditions, whilst supporting many local businesses. During recent years the company has limited their product range to focus specifically on what they do best; frontal vehicle protection equipment, now proud to produce the World’s Best Alloy Bullbars. Read More


So before you consider frontal protection for your vehicle consider the only 100% Australian made, strongest built, rust free frontal protection from a company that stands behind their product, offering you a lifetime warranty.

ECB have re-sellers across Australia and New Zealand, FIND A DEALER NEAR YOU!

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When are animal strikes at their peak?

Now coming into our Winter months throughout Australia, the rate of animal strikes on our roads is set to increase. Some of our highest risk areas are also some of our largest regional towns and cities, from Canberra to Cairns, Bunbury to Broom, and many more in between. Contributing factors to motor vehicle collisions involving kangaroos include:KangarooCrossingBanner

      • High kangaroo numbers and the extensive open space areas;
      • High speed roads with frequent traffic;
      • Driver inattention and ignorance of potentially high risk road sections; 
      • Driving too fast.

From data collected throughout Australia, the following observations can be made about collisions with kangaroos:

      • Peak time for animal strike is between 5:00 and 10:00 PM;
      • The rate of crashes is higher in winter;
      • There are more collisions following long periods of dry weather; and
      • There are more collisions with kangaroos near the full moon phase rather than the new moon phase.

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In Stock

As an Australian manufacturer, East Coast Bullbars are able to maintain a constant flow of Bullbars and Nudge Bars through production, in stock and boxed ready to ship. The central location of the business to the supply location, reduces transport times and the ability to have product on-site in a much quicker lead time compared to other suppliers.

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We have in stock Big Tube Bars® and Nudge Bars for the latest models of Toyota Kluger, Mazda BT50, Jeep Grand Cherokee, VW V6 Amarok and many more. ECB also still manufacture bars for models dating back to one of Australia’s favorite and ever faithful Toyota Landcruiser 60 Series and the current models, along with Ford Rangers and Toyota HiLux, past and present and many more.

Remember it is also your choice, so when you are shopping around for frontal protection for your vehicle, consider Australian Made, faster to market, strongest built and supporting Australian business.

And let’s not forget the Lifetime Warranty.

Find your nearest dealer or search your vehicle on our website.

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