Now coming into our Winter months throughout Australia, the rate of animal strikes on our roads is set to increase.

koalaonroadAlthough kangaroos aren’t the only vagrant animals in Australia, the are the most prolific. Some of our highest risk areas are also some of our largest regional towns and cities, from Canberra to Cairns, Bunbury to Broom, and many more in between. Contributing factors to motor vehicle collisions involving kangaroos include:

  • high kangaroo numbers and the extensive open space areas;
  • redeveloped new roads in regional areas and surrounding regional city suburbs with frequent traffic;
  • driver inattention to the potentially high risk road sections;
  • driving too fast.

From data collected throughout Australia, we are able to observe and concluded that collisions with kangaroos are much more likely:

  • During peak time for animal strike, between 5:00 and 10:00 PM;
  • During winter winter months;
  • Following long periods of dry weather;
  • Near the full moon phase rather than the new moon phase.


Kangaroos account for the highest proportion of fatal collisions among all collisions with animals. Collisions with other objects occur either as a secondary collision, following the kangaroo strike, or as a result of drivers swerving to avoid a kangaroo.

Reducing Collisions

Worldwide, there has been much effort to develop strategies and techniques to reduce the incidence of motor vehicle collisions with wildlife. The closest parallel to the Australian situation is collisions between deer and vehicles in North America and Europe. Techniques used there to reduce collisions have been considered in Australia.

Driver education and the use of fencing and/or underpasses are considered to be the most recommended techniques. However, fencing and underpasses are not suitable in all locations and are expensive to construct and maintain. Wildlife warning reflectors and ultrasonic devices have been proven to be largely ineffective.

  • Slow down, you have a better chance to remain in control between 80 & 90 km/h than at 100.
  • Brake firmly in a straight line and do not steer away or swerve until safe to do so and do so gently and only after you have reduced speed.
  • Consider a bulbar if travelling regularly on country roads, especially at night
  • Don’t bother with electronic devices, claimed to deter kangaroos, as they have been proven to be largely ineffective.

kangaroosThe best way to avoid collecting a kangaroo is not to drive at dawn, dusk and night, as that’s when wildlife are generally out and about, kangaroos in particular. This time is also when animals struggle to see the car due to being blinded by the headlights. While kangaroos aren’t the most road-savvy creatures, but during the day they will usually make an honest attempt to avoid ending up as a bonnet ornament. However, at night they will make seemingly drunken changes in direction, being startled by blinding light.

As we learnt, when regularly driving in regional Australia, there are some times when your luck just runs out. It’s times like these where frontal protection may make all the difference between being stranded in a vehicle unable to be driven, or being able to drive to safety or repair.

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