A correctly fitted Bullbar or Nudge Bar is the quintessential addition to any four-wheel drive, SUV, work vehicle or weekend toy. It’s the one piece of equipment that is going to protect your vehicle and it’s occupants and look great doing it.

One question you need to ask is, Original Equipment or Aftermarket? Is the factory fitted protection the dealer recommends going to protect your investment in the event of a strike or collision?

. . . . . will it?

The engineering, design and fitment of every East Coast Bullbar, using commercial grade 6mm alloy plate, is what makes their Bullbars stronger, lighter, rust free and will outperform the OEM product every time.  It really is important to get this right, but so damn easy to get it wrong – We have seen this too many times in our 45 years building them, right here in Brisbane Australia.rav_4_bt_front_small

A quality Bullbar or even a Nudge Bar, can be a massive investment, but if they don’t do the job of protecting your vehicle and occupants even once, then you have wasted your money. A poorly designed and fitted Bullbar just won’t do what it is designed to do, protected your vehicle, or even worse your family.

So before racing out to buy the meanest looking or best colour match, let’s determine exactly what you need:AirBagLogo

Safety First;

  • Airbag-compatibility is not negotiable. All vehicles fitted with airbags absolutely MUST be mounted with a certified airbag compatible Bullbar.
  • ADR-compliant: Australian Design Rules will ensure your equipment is built to suit ADR_Compliantyour vehicle and complies with all relevant legislation in design and function.

Let’s face it, anyone can weld some steel together and call it a Bullbar, but will it really work in the event of an impact? Will it protect your investment and keep your family safe? All ECB Bullbars and Nudge Bars are ADR compliant, Airbag compatible and built to perform.

Will It Fit?

  • Is the Bullbar specifically engineered to suit your vehicle? Vehicle technology is improving and changing rapidly and every time it does, East Coast Bullbars research and development team work with vehicle manufacturers to ensure it’s products are compatible and available to suit all new model released, as early as possible.
  • Is your Bullbar able to accommodate your chosen accessories? Winches, lights, aerials and other accessories, including safety gear, all add up and may be too heavy or too large for your vehicle bar.
  • Even a good winch may not always get you out of trouble, getting stuck can happen.recoverypoints

Will It Work?

  • With all of the new technologies included in vehicles today, including impact prevention systems and forward parking sensors, some have fancy cameras, light washers and wipers and peripheral lane control systems. An East Coast Bullbar is tested and will accommodate all of these features and more.
  • Is it designed for safety and will it do what you want it to do? Choose the right Bullbar for your requirements. Fitting a nudge bar if you frequently travel long distances in regional Australia. Likewise fitting a heavy steel bar is completely unnecessary if your vehicle spends its life pottering around town.
  • Animal strikes happen daily on our roads, from kangaroos, wombats, to deer and even camels. The point of fitting a bullbar is to ensure you aren’t stranded in the middle of nowhere in a vehicle that can’t be driven. Being able to drive to safety or repair, means the protection bar has done it’s job.camilerocruiser_3
  • Will your bullbar disadvantage you off road? If you spend much of your weekends off the beaten track, bottom out the front end on the first ditch and it hasn’t been the right choice. Heavy steel bars generally require costly upgrades to front suspension. Fitting an Alloy bulbar or Nudge Bar generally will not effect the performance or characteristics of the vehicle, thus eliminating the cost in upgrading the OEM suspension.
  • Will your vehicle need to be modified to accommodate a winch or high-lift jacking point?  Generally a bumper cut and/or replacement is required to fit most Bullbars. Fitting an East Coast Bullbar or Nudge Bar requires minimal modification, while complimenting the look of your vehicle.

Maintenance and Support;

  • If you would prefer spending your weekends exploring, then a polished bar requiring up-keep may not be the right choice. All East Coast Bullbars or Nudge Bars are offered a premium powdercoat finish. The bugs wash right off, and stone chips are minimal in comparison to a colour coded, painted bulbar, and it will never rust.
  • An Alloy Bullbar will take a few bumps and knocks, even a minor strike or collision may render your vehicle immobile without one fitted. What bruises and ECB bulbar will destroy many well known brands.

All ECB Bullbars and Nudge Bars are designed, tested, engineered and manufactured right here in Australia from Australian made materials, to a very specific DNA, crafted over 45 years – They also offer a Lifetime Warranty, now that’s confidence.benefitsofalloy

Is It Legal?

Crumple zones and airbags are all designed to keep you and your occupants safe in the event of a collision. Safety is in East Coast Bullbars DNA and the foundation on which each Bullbar is designed, engineered and manufactured, something ECB takes very seriously.

Did you know these facts?

  • No forward-facing tabs, rod holders or accessories.
  • Sharp edges and burrs are to be removed.
  • Bars must NOT obscure headlights.
  • Indicators and park lights are permitted to be relocated into the bar.
  • Must not restrict your view out past 11 metres.
  • Forward tilt to be no greater than nine degrees (or 75mm).
  • Bullbars MUST be fitted with a compliance plate that states;
    • Who made it.
    • What vehicle it’s designed for.
    • Compliance with ADRs for that model.
    • Airbag Compatibility.aaaa-logo

Aftermarket – Generally speaking, an aftermarket Bulbar will be stronger than an OEM Bullbar. OEM Bullbars are designed around the look of the vehicle rather than safety of the vehicle and the occupants. East Coast Bullbars continue a 45 year tradition of building Bullbars with the same DNA (Safety, Strength, Lightness, Performance, Durability), that’s why they offer a Lifetime Warranty with every Bullbar and Nudge Bar.

OEM – OEM manufactured bars all comply and, in most cases, won’t affect the ANCAP rating, but is it the best choice? It is also your choice to have an aftermarket bar fitted at the point of vehicle purchase, all you have to do is ask.

At the end of the day, something your mate builds in his shed is essentially illegal without testing, even if they’re accurate to the millimetre.

East Coast Bullbars are continually investing in research and development to meet and exceed customer expectations in safety and design. So when you are considering frontal protection, choose the World’s Best Alloy Bullbar – it just may save your life.

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