If you are the proud owner of a Toyota 4WD or SUV, or are you considering buying one?  You may want to consider purchasing ECB vehicle frontal protection for your Toyota.

It’s not only off-roaders who need protection, many of Australia’s roads are rife with various wildlife.  Animal collisions are more likely at dawn and dusk, when visibility on the roads is decreased, when the Australian wildlife tend to be more active.  Reports indicate that during school holidays, long weekends and the beginning and end of daylight saving time animal-related accidents on our roads increase dramatically.

Many travellers who regularly venture into Regional Australia appreciate the added safety and protection of an ECB Australian made and tested Big Tube Bar®.  The Toyota Kluger  is also a very popular family vehicle option, ECB manufacture a range of frontal protection products that not only protect the vehicle and its occupants, but look great.

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The Toyota RAV4 continues to be one of the highest selling vehicles in Australia, with many younger drivers choosing to drive small to medium size SUVs for the added safety that these vehicles can provide.

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Adding a bullbar or nudge bar to any vehicle will not prevent an accident, but it will protect the most vital components of your vehicle.   Often, even the less serious collisions can still render the vehicle undriveable, potentially leaving its occupants stranded.

East Coast Bullbars manufacture the worlds best and largest range of bullbars and nudge bars in the form of vehicle frontal protection products for most current model SUVs and many previous models.  New designs and products are constantly being engineered by the Research and Development department at ECB’s Brisbane headquarters.  Offering the very best in safety using the latest technology in manufacturing all contribute towards offering strongest and best fitment possible.

Toyota Landcruiser has long been a family favourite with Australian buyers, ECB recognise this and continue to work with Toyota to manufacture bullbars and nudge bars for vehicles dating back to the 60 Series  and all the way to the most current 200 Series  and the rough and tough 70 Series‘ vehicles.

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The Toyota Hilux Range is still one of the most popular work utes in the world and ECB  continue to manufacture a large range of frontal protection for these range of work vehicles, including Coaster Buses and vans, Hi-ace Vans, Tundras and many more.


So, what makes ECB the World’s Best Alloy Bullbar?

ECB Big Tube Bars® are made using T6 hi-tensile rolled alloy plate, 6mm thick. Our centre tubes are 76mm x 4.75mm T5 and shoulder tubes are typically 63mm x 4.2mm alloy tubes and include the extra support of shoulder tube gussets. Our alloy bar mounts are 8mm hi-tensile alloy attached to 6-10mm thick plasma cut steel mounts.  What does all this mean? our Bars are extremely strong and will protect your vehicle and its occupants.

And ONLY ECB can offer you;

  • Strongest built
  • Australian Made
  • Rust Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

So before you consider frontal protection for your vehicle consider the only 100% Australian made, strongest built, rust free frontal protection from a company that stands behind their product, offering you a lifetime warranty.

ECB have re-sellers across Australia and New Zealand, FIND A DEALER NEAR YOU!

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