As a proud Australian company, East Coast Bullbars (ECB) have been producing frontal protection products of the highest technical and quality standards since 1972. AustralianMadeWith a facility spanning almost 12,000 square metres, ECB manufacture bullbars and nudge bars to suit passenger, SUV and light commercial vehicles, including vans, trucks and buses, right here in Brisbane Australia.

Now celebrating 45 years in the industry, ECB are very proud to provide local products built for Australian consumers and conditions, whilst supporting many local businesses. During recent years the company has limited their product range to focus specifically on what they do best; frontal vehicle protection equipment, now proud to produce the World’s Best Alloy Bullbars.groupshotcropped

Focusing on ensuring that every product is designed, engineered and manufactured to uphold World’s Best, ECB carry the same standard with everything else associated. As individuals as well as a company, the effort, drive and motivation is focussed on doing the best job possible, always.

Being an Australian based manufacturer creates a strong, competitive advantage. The threat of imported products into the market is being realised daily. Most of ECB competitors are now manufacturing offshore, with many new imported brands entering the Australian market.

Let’s look at the real benefits of Australian made:

Industry Leading Timeframes – As an Australian manufacturer, ECB are able to react faster than import based competitors. When a new vehicle becomes available for purchase, ECB source the vehicle through local partnerships. The design, build and product release to market can be completed within 4-8 weeks from access to a vehicle on-site. Being faster provides an opportunity to develop early sales relationships, sustainable for the lifetime of that product. Research and development time allows ECB to be in front of competitors, not just faster to market, but allowing customers access to products as soon as they purchase their new vehicles.newwarranty_4

“Being an Australian manufacturer we have always been able to provide industry leading time-frames for deliveries, an advantage increased further over the past year with maximised investment in capacity and storage as well as adaptability in production capabilities”.

Local Business Support – ECB recognises that partnering with local suppliers wherever possible, positively contributes towards the local economy. Developing local relationships far outweigh the disadvantages that may at times contribute to minimal higher operational costs. A local supplier allows for a closer, more in-depth relationship ensuring greater integration of both businesses and higher levels of quality control.

“We not only provide a great stream of business for our supporting organisations but these working relationships have also developed several unique outcomes providing solutions for both parties involved”.

Australian Made – Today ECB as a business is stronger than ever, current manufacturing has the capacity to build over 110 bars per day. Excellence in manufacturing capabilities and facilities have developed the company’s very strong market position and reputation. All frontal protection products are designed and engineered on site, using plate, tube and manufacture from raw materials.plasmaCutter

ECB have built their own in-house powdercoat plant, climate controlled 21 bay purpose built polishing facility, 3 warehouses and 16 welding bays. Utilising three hi-definition CNC plasma cutters, a CNC router, and state of the art fully automated mandrel bender, ECB’s 86 proud Australian employees across two shifts are proud to manufacture the World’s Best Alloy Bullbars.Polishing

“ECB distribute the largest range of frontal protection alloy bullbars throughout Australia and internationally, with a reputation reflected in all ECB’s company divisions, of being able to deliver our customers the right products, on time, the first time, without any compromise in quality”.

Lifetime Warranty – East Coast Bullbars stand behind LifeTimetheir product by offering a limited lifetime warranty and consumer guarantees on all manufactured products. Every product is warranted to be free of structural defects in materials and the workmanship of the bar for the lifetime of the product, whilst still in the possession of the original owner.

Best Availability – All products are locally manufactured with the ability to hold sufficient stocks on key products and flexibility to produce specific batches of products over a limited time frame to suit unexpected requirements. The central location of the business to the supply location, reduces transport times and the ability to have product on-site in a much quicker lead time compared to other suppliers.NewWarranty_3

Remember it is also your choice, so when you are shopping around for frontal protection for your vehicle, consider Australian Made, faster to market, strongest built and supporting Australian business. And let’s not forget the Lifetime Warranty.

Good For You, Your Family and Australia

Australian manufacturers and primary producers are responsible for some of the best products in the world, and by buying Australian, you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting the best your money can buy.

Australian standards are high, as they should be, and as such our products and produce have been manufactured or grown to meet our expectations. They come with and expected guarantee, and if something goes wrong, the manufacturer or supplier is just a phone call away.

Buying local encourages employment, local economic development and prosperity. When you buy Australian-made and grown products, you are keeping your family members and friends employed now and into the future.

It comes down to all of us, the general public and businesses that buy things every day, to be conscious of where we spend our money, Australian-made and grown.

It makes sense to buy things that have been made right here in Australia, we do and so should you.

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