From time to time we receive all sorts of images our happy customers send us, from vehicle impacts to our bars, outback travels our bars participate in, new products fitted and full vehicle accidents where our bars have really done what they are designed to do.

We love hearing from our customers, so today we thought we would share some of their stories, photos, words of thanks and testimonials – Enjoy.

Jonathan Manton

Jonathan is an avid adventurer, currently living and exploring Western Australia. He has his own blog site and has also contributed photographic and written content to Adventure SUV and other publication, in print and online. “Living for adventure, 4wding, camping, fishing and exploring this wonderful country of Australia. Does life get much better!


Originally from Belfast in Ireland,jon_manton_1 Jonathan now lives and loves Australia, our way of life and embraces his new life with adventurous enthusiasm – and he loves his ECB Big Tube Bar®.  He is one of our most loyal advocates and through his adventures is a great ambassador for our products. Thanks Jon.

Val and Col Incoll

We originall came to know Col through a video post Cow vs Iveco Daily 4×4, which was shared with us. Don initially assumed “having suffered only a bent bullbar support bracket”, only to realise after further investigation that the bullbar had actually come off unscathed “The bar just moved in the elongated slots , I simply loosened bolts & realigned bar-If it was attached without slots in the brackets it might have been another story”. The cattle weren’t so lucky in this case.val_don2Going Bush is a blog/website developed by Don to record the many incidents, tips, upgrades and challenges he and Val have experienced and are still enjoying. The blog has grown into a full blown record of events since 2010, when he and Val set off. val_donDuring their travels they have written books, blogs and tales of their experiences, shared stories, photos and videos – What a wonderful way to inspire others to take to the road with their own adventures, creating their own stories along the way.

Dan Camilero

Another happy ECB customer and West Australian – Dan purchased his Toyota FJ Cruiser back in 2011, and in his words, “I tried to use it ‘properly’ so I spent every available time off my work to travel with my wife Maya and our youngest daughter Niki, or hang out with fellow members of WA Chapter FJC Club”. Dan has made numerous modifications to his Cruiser, one of which is an ECB Winch compatible Big Tube® Bullbar, that he is very happy with.camilerocruiser_9

The ECB Big Tube® Bullbar, well, it’s been on the car for almost 5 years and traveled over 100,000 kms, both on and off the beaten track. Dan mentioned that he has “even ‘tried’ it in a little accident” and it worked a treat. “I simply can’t fault it…a smart engineering and quality production, well done”.  Following his “little accident” (I’m sworn to secrecy), Dan’s workshop mechanic also praised the design, commenting on the fact that we made it easy for him to get around for servicing.The best feature for Dan “I probably like the most how nicely my winch is tucked in, protected from debris and rocks but still easy to reach and operate. The second best thing is prestige look, with that black rippled powder coat, which is unbelievably tough and doesn’t give up even after years of beating and weather exposure”.camilerocruiser_1

Dan’s blog has an extensive photographic and video journal, recording his many modifications as well as fabulous images, videos and stories, of the many adventures he shares with his family and members of the FJ Cruiser Club.

We are proud of our product, the design and the alloy used to produce an ECB Bullbar.

  • 6mm fully welded, T6 hi-tensile rolled alloy plate channel
  • 76mm x 4.75mm thick T5 alloy tube
  • Shoulder pipe gussets
  • 8mm hi-tensile alloy mounts
  • 8mm steel mounts

This is why we state we produce the World’s Best Alloy Bullbar.

How would your steel bullbar perform under the same conditions?

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