Before sending your young drivers back to their studies and work commitments, ensure they are protected.

East Coast Bullbars manufacture a range of bullbars and nudge bars for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Your teenagers driving back to school or work after the Christmas break are just as likely to need frontal protection as you are, driving the family 4WD .

Frontal protection, not just for off-roaders.

It’s not only off-roaders who need protection, Australia’s roads are rife with truant farm animals and wildlife. Animal collisions are much more likely at dawn and dusk, when visibility on the roads is decreased and when animals tend to be more active. School holidays, long weekends and the beginning and end of daylight saving time see an much larger number of animal-related accidents on our roads.

Make sure your kids have protection.

Many travelers who regularly venture out into Regional Australian, appreciate the added safety and protection of an Australian made and tested Big Tube Bar® Alloy Bullbar. Currently the Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4 are the highest selling vehicles in Australia, with many young drivers choosing to drive these small and medium SUV for the added safety and affordability. Adding a bullbar or nudge bar to the vehicle will not prevent an accident, but it will protect the vital components of your vehicle. Many less serious collisions may render the vehicle unable to be driven without one.

fatalities_by_age_2016Our young Australians are most at risk, traveling to nearby towns and cities for work or study, as well as visiting and socialising with their friends and family.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities Australia to November 2016

According to insurance statistics, Queanbeyan, consistently tops the list for animal accident and the vast majority of are with kangaroos, but don’t be complacent in other areas. While most collisions are in regional areas, some of our larger regional cities share similar statistics to Queanbeyan and Canberra, Bendigo in Victoria, Singleton and Goulburn in NSW, a vast number in Queensland and the rest of Australia, the list is long.

Being tired, distracted and/or inexperienced can add to the risks. Don’t skimp on added safety for your young drivers, when protection could make all the difference between being able to drive to safety or repair, or being stranded in a remote location with a damaged vehicle.

kangaroosAnimal collisions account for around 5-6% of accidents and it’s estimated that few are actually reported, so the true figure may well be much higher and almost half of these accidents result serious injury for the driver. One in five crashes on rural roads involve an animal and with major highways and roads in much of rural Australia being unfenced, it’s hardly surprising. The risk of accident, when farm or native animals wander, is a very serious and real one. A high speed collision with an animal may cause the loss of control of your vehicle, major vehicle damage, serious personal injury or worse.

Minor collisions could render the vehicle immobile.

East Coast Bullbars are making the largest range of bullbars and nudge bars for most current model SUVs and many previous models, producing the world’s best and largest range of frontal protection products. New and improved designs are constantly being tweaked and redeveloped by the Research and Development department at ECB’s Brisbane headquarters, offering the very best in safety and the strongest and best fitment possible, while still aesthetically enhancing the vehicle.

ECB designs and manufactures frontal protection right here in Brisbane Australia, for Australian conditions. Using our own recipe of hi-tensile alloy, all ECB Bullbars feature specifically engineered 6-8mm thick plasma cut steel mounts and a full one-piece channel made from 6mm thick hi-tensile, structural grade alloy. Stronger than a comparable steel bullbar, an ECB alloy bullbar is also much lighter than steel.

A grateful customer (Russell) would have been stranded late at night in a remote location without protection. He drove another 160km home following this collision.

Our exclusive Lifetime Warranty allow ECB to confirm and honor our bound statement as manufacturers of the World’s Best Alloy Bullbar.

Check East Coast Bullbars website to find a bar to suit your vehicle or locate your closest dealer, by using your postcode to search, at and don’t settle for second best when your family’s’ safety is of vital importance.

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