ECB Alloy Bullbar strength is often questioned by bullbar distributors and consumers. Here at ECB we have always known that the strength of our metals, combined with the design of our products, results in a bullbar that has superior strength to steel bullbars, at a lighter weight.

This continues to be proven again and again.

Russell Riordan posted on our Facebook page after arriving home thankful for the choice he made, fitment of East Coast Bullbars vehicle protection.russel-riordanpostThe image above was posted by Russell with his comment, “Cow at 90kmh last night. What a great product. Saved our lives and only minimal damage to the car. Managed to drive another 160k’s home”

 Then just 2 days later we received this amazing message from yet another customer;

I was involved in an accident in my Mazda BT-50 on Tuesday evening where I went into an embankment and rolled the car landing on its roof. My ute is fitted with one of your bullbars. The bar took the full grunt of the accident with barely a wound to show. The passenger side nose dived the ground during the flip and bent back, and the car slid on its roof and along the bullbar but the rest of it didn’t even bend.

Neither the bonnet or the grill sustained any damage even though the whole car was a write off. I’ve already written to Mazda to thank them, but also need to thank you guys. As soon as my insurance and my back is sorted I’ll will 100% be buying another BT-50 and having one of your bullbars fitted before it goes anywhere.”

We at ECB are very relieved that all passengers in both vehicles are okay, and proud that in both events our product performed to the level it was designed for – protecting the occupants of the vehicle, as well as the vehicle’s critical components.

The real hero here is the marriage between the design and the alloy used to produce an ECB Bullbar.

  • 6mm fully welded, T6 hi-tensile rolled alloy plate channel
  • 76mm x 4.75mm thick T5 alloy tube
  • Shoulder pipe gussets
  • 8mm hi-tensile alloy mounts
  • 8mm steel mounts

This is why we state we produce the World’s Best Alloy Bullbar.

How would your steel bullbar perform under the same conditions?

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