Living and working in Regional and particularly Outback Australia may be peaceful, but is not without it’s challenges. Wildlife and truant farm animals pose a serious risk for many travelers, including those doing the big Aussie road trip. Many of these collisions could possibly fatal if adequate preparations and forethought have not been made.

Russell Riordan posted on our Facebook page last night, after arriving home thankful for East Coast Bullbars vehicle protection. The image above was posted by Russell with his comment Cow at 90kmh last night. What a great product. Saved our lives and only minimal damage to the car. Managed to drive another 160k’s home”. We at ECB are very proud that our product was able to do the job it was designed for, protecting the critical components of the vehicle as well as the occupants and enabling the car to be driven to safety and consequently to a repairer.

The real hero here is strong and light weight ECB Alloy Bullbar, with minimal damage to the vehicle and still able to be driven to safety. How does your steel bullbar compare?

Thanks for sharing your story Russell – We are so glad you are safe and able to make it home.