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A Well Earned Award

Congratulations to Brendan for being such a happy and loyal team member for more than 30 years!  To be exact, Brendan has been with ECB for  30 Years, 10 months & 17 days give or take a day or 2. Starting out in general parts, Brendan is now responsible for Parts Preparation and Consolidation, in other words the person who makes sure that the welders get all the correct bits they need to put your bullbars together.

Affectionately know in the business as “Wally”, Brendan has touched more bullbars than anyone in else in the world, that we know of, and we never see him without that smile.

Brendan was recently rewarded for his loyalty with a well earned trip to the Melbourne Cup with a friend – Well done Brendan, we hope to see your smiling face for years to come.

And Another Milestone

Thanks Genevieve for your 6 years in Admin and Accounts. A quiet young lady, but don’t let her shyness fool you, she certainly has her finger on the pulse and helps immensely in keeping the accounts in order – we couldn’t do it without here. Maybe she didn’t look so happy  on the day, when receiving her certificate, but underneath she was glowing,

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GM Trevor was proud to present Genevieve with her award for 6 years of service.Well done young lady, great job.

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Customer News and Reviews

Dan Camilero

Another happy ECB customer – Dan purchased his Toyota FJ Cruiser back in 2011, and in his words, “I tried to use it ‘properly’ so I spent every available time off my work to travel with my wife Maya and our youngest daughter Niki, or hang out with fellow members of WA Chapter FJC Club”. camilerocruiser_8Dan has made numerous modifications to his Cruiser, one of which is an ECB Winch compatible Big Tube® Bullbar, that he is very happy with. Dan’s blog is an extensive photographic and video journal, recording his many modifications as well as fabulous images, videos and stories, of the many adventures he shares with his family and members of the FJ Cruiser Club.camilerocruiser_5The ECB Big Tube® Bullbar, well, it’s been on the car for almost 5 years and traveled over 100,000 kms, both on and off the beaten track. Dan mentioned that he has “even ‘tried’ it in a little accident” and it worked a treat. “I simply can’t fault it…a smart engineering and quality production, well done”.  Following his “little accident” (I’m sworn to secrecy), Dan’s workshop mechanic also praised the design, commenting on the fact that we made it easy for him to get around for servicing.camilerocruiser_1The best feature for Dan “I probably like the most how nicely my winch is tucked in, protected from debris and rocks but still easy to reach and operate. The second best thing is prestige look, with that black rippled powder coat, which is unbelievably tough and doesn’t give up even after years of beating and weather exposure”.muddriving_header

Dan shares his enthusiasm for FJ Cruising with our GM here at ECB and comments on Trevor’s Cruiser, featured in a story a few weeks ago –  “Love his car’s suspension…and that photo on the beach is a cracker :o)”

We love Dan’s passion and enthusiasm, the family fun and experiences they share, and we love that he loves our product.camilerocruiser_3

So far this year the family have been exploring tracks and camping at Murchison House Station, one of the oldest pastoral stations in Western Australia and now Dan and his little troop are off on yet another adventure. Onward and upward into the Kimberly’s, “This winder trip to the Kimberley would be so far the longest (5 weeks and 9,000km) and the most exciting of all – I haven’t got time to publish my blog and edit videos (have 500GB of HD video from dash-cam)“. I’m sure he will find time once he returns to his home somewhere in WA.

We love keeping up with Dan and his family and you can too by following his adventures on Google and YouTube. His extensive videos, photos, blogs and stories encourage us all to get out there and enjoy this amazing landscape.

Get out there and be safe.

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ECB attend many shows throughout the year, providing support to our valued dealers and engaging with customers to ensure they have the best product available on their vehicle.


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