In today’s business environment, finding something authentic and unique to ensure your business stands out from the crowd isn’t always easy, especially in the modern world of media. Our lives can sometimes feel swamped with advertising and promotions that too often seem to trade fact for flamboyance and it’s hard to know what to believe or follow. What does this mean for us manufacturers in terms of being able to get our message and facts about our products into the marketplace? Well in simple terms, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting partnerships to enable us to connect with people and communities to tell our story.

Enter, Cliff Guy, ‘The Wild Guy’, cliff_guy_wild_guyseasoned Producer, TV presenter and photo journalist. Cliff is owner and director of The Eco Media Production Group and director, photographer and 4WDing host, for 7 years, on televisions high rating fishing series Escape with ET.

Now how does ECB, KT Cables and the AMA group fit into this exciting picture? Well that’s easy…. Cliff personifies the word AUTHENTICITY and oozes it from his cowboy boots up, when it comes to environmental, humanitarian and adventure-based visual media. And not only that, but he is an award-winning singer-songwriter, poised on launching his sensational new Wild Guy brand.

ktcables_logo-webAt this stage we can’t let every cat out of the bag, but what we can say is that when we were introduced to this opportunity to work with and alongside Cliff and ‘The Wild Guy’ we couldn’t get our Big Tube® Bulbar and KT Cables awesome range of 4WD electronic gear on his stunning Wild Guy D-Max quick enough. Along with Versus Wheels, Alanco, Questa and KT Solar, Cliff couldn’t be happier with progress of the project and the feeling is mutual.big_tube_winch

QUOTE: Cliff Guy “We have been very successful on the national and international stages and attribute much of our success on our firm belief in working ethically and as in harmony with the planet as we can. It’s not about being a purist, but is about choosing carefully how you operate in business and in your everyday life and the choices we make. These choices also come down to who we work and align with.”
Cliff recognised the AMA Group Ltd had a bigger vision for their products and their brands and wants to be able to, not only produce and supply the highest quality products to people, but to give back on many levels to children, families and the natural environment. As such, our relationship with Cliff, The Wild Guy has been forged and will unfold into an array of collaborative endeavours in 2017 and beyond.ama_logo_large

Stay tuned for this incredible journey of discovery and in the meantime visit.