Will fitment of frontal protection void your New Car Warranty?

This is a question or statement that is often brought to us here at ECB that we will address this for you.

We are frequently asked if new car warranty will be jeopardised if you install an aftermarket bullbar to your new vehicle. This is completely untrue and warranties which apply to vehicles under the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act cannot be excluded.

Here in Australia the Trade Practices Act “prohibits anti-competitive exclusive dealing which can involve a business attaching conditions to the sale of goods thereby restricting the buyer’s freedom to choose who they deal with….” and cannot limit their warranty obligations or claim the warranty is void if the vehicle carried aftermarket accessories that are correctly designed and fitted.

  • The vehicle manufacturer cannot void a warranty if you choose to fit an aftermarket bullbar or other accessory under Australian Consumer Laws, unless it can be proven that the fitted accessory has caused the failure of the vehicle
  • The vehicle manufacturer is always obliged to fulfill their warranty under Australian Consumer Laws and cannot legally not fulfill their obligations, such as not fix an unrelated issue/fault.


When selecting aftermarket accessories, you should always choose reputable suppliers that warrant their products.

If your dealer request that you fit Manufacturer only branded products (OEM), you can confidently advise them that it is your choice to fit an ECB Frontal Protection Product and by doing so will not affect your new car warranty.newwarranty_4At our manufacturing facility, right here in Brisbane Australia, our in-house dedicated Research and Development team have been committed to the safety and compliance of all ECB products since 1972. Therefore, we stand behind our products and proudly state we manufacture the World’s Best Alloy Bullbars, offering products that are;






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Customer News and Reviews

Col and Val Incoll

Boasting Custom Alloy built frontal protection, the Iveco Daily owned by Don and Val Incoll has had it’s share of adventures. Following an incident with a couple of stray cattle, Cow vs Iveco Daily 4×4, Don initially assumed “having suffered only a bent bullbar support bracket”, only to realise after further investigation that the bullbar had actually come off unscathed “The bar just moved in the elongated slots , I simply loosened bolts & realigned bar-If it was attached without slots in the brackets it might have been another story”. The cattle weren’t so lucky in this case.

Going Bush is a blog/website developed by Don to record the many incidents, tips, upgrades and challenges he and Val have experienced and are still enjoying. The blog has grown into a full blown record of events since 2010, when he and Val set off. They had been talking about living on the road for some time and after putting their underground cable locating business on hold, have no immediate plans to return to day to day life in one location.

val_don2Setting themselves up to roam, they developed their webpage for family and friends to keep track of them while on expedition with their Land Rover, their initial vehicle. Using SPOT satellite messenger, to locate position and upload information on the Globestar communication satellite network. Spotwalla map shows the route and tracks info, auto updating every 10 minutes when on the move.

Now after 12 months ownership of the Iveco Daily, nearly all outback dirt road touring, Don has nothing but praise for his rig of choice, with the exception of some braking issues. “The vehicle has performed faultlessly and beyond expectation. Both on and off road”.

During their travels they have written books, blogs and tales of their experiences, shared stories, photos and videos – What a wonderful way to inspire others to take to the road with their own adventures, creating their own stories along the way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Happy travels Don and Val.

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ECB attend many shows throughout the year, providing support to our valued dealers and engaging with customers to ensure they have the best product available on their vehicle.


To view our show calendar, please use the arrows to forward to each month.

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The team have worked their butts off this last month or so to ensure all products below are in production and ready to roll out. Holden Captiva, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Dodge Ram and the Great Wall – Steed, frontal protection products are all in production and we are now taking orders for all products below.

Holden Captiva 7:

With frontal protection now available for the all new Holden Captiva, the guys in R&D have done themselves proud, in making sure everything has a place. With so many new sensors and tech gadgets included in new vehicles, we need to ensure everything works they way the vehicle manufacturer intended, this all takes time and is now complete.

ECB’s outstandingly popular Big Tube® Bar and 76mm Nudge Bar are now both in production and ready to order. Check with your nearest dealer for prices and availability.

Holden has done themselves proud on the safety front, adding Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert into the LTZ, which, although it isn’t standard across the range, the feature adds to the already stellar 5-Star ANCAP safety rating achieved by the entry-level LS. The LTZ also boast Front Park Assist while the Reversing Camera is standard across the range.

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport:

Matched with cutting-edge technology and genuine four-wheel drive performance, this awesome example of sweet style and luxury is Mitsubishi’s new Pajero Sport. Invoking elegance and space, with safety for urban driving this amazing vehicle also has the agility for off-road excitement. R&D has been a challenge – BUT we have done it.

Working with so many safety features, not to mention that 360-degree camera and blind-spot monitors can be a huge challenge for R&D, but the team has stepped up and completed a task many have shied away from.

Production is now in full swing, so get your orders in now.

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Great Wall-Steed:

Australia’s first and best-selling Chinese vehicle brand, Great Wall, now has great frontal protection. Great Wall is back. The pioneers of budget Chinese utes have returned to Australia with the Steed. This ute is designed to offer value for your dollar and boasts a much more stylish ride and performance than it’s predecessor.

R&D has almost been completed and we are now awaiting final approvals, instructions and pricing information, for frontal protection products on the Great Wall Steed, not far away now so stay tuned.


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Dodge Ram:

This legendary American truck is no ordinary work horse, designed to deliver across the board. When designing frontal protection, it has to work and look great too, we believe we have succeeded in doing justice to this stunning vehicle – Frontal protection product that looks great and works the way it should. Available soon.

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Holden Colorado:

We are still awaiting delivery of a Holden Colorado to enable us to begin R&D on this vehicle, they disappear as soon as the dealers get them it seems.

R&D takes approximately 4 weeks to rebuild and test the range of bars for this vehicle, but you certainly won’t be disappointed in the reward of the end result.



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