Exploring a website often sees customers procrastinating over the page’s navigation bar, ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over which menu option they really need.

Our search functions provide you, the customer, with instantaneous direction and contact to our dealer network across Australia, with addresses and telephone numbers to our entire list. Today it’s almost second nature to be able to obtain the information we need, whenever we want and at any location. Our customers now expect instant results when they search our website – and we do try to provide that information you ask for as quickly as possible.

We at ECB have been following the traffic into our website, analysing what our customers really want and where you go once arriving at our site. Our goal is to assist our dealer network to provide information and services requested and to provide you, our customers, with the products you are looking for.

Once people find our website, we have established that most people view at least 3-4 pages each visit and below we have pinpointed the functions you use and the pages visited most are these.

Let’s start with the first point of contact.

websearchblog1Our goal is to ensure customers discover relevant content in the most efficient means possible, using tools you need to sort content, filter and explore, as well as display the information in a visually appealing and easy to understand manner. To help you find your vehicle, we categorise information by a variety of logical values, kicking our first goal of ensuring you are able to hone in easily on the information you were looking for.


  1. Select Make of vehicle
  2. Select the model
  3. Select Variant &/or year

Hit the SEARCH button and you will then see all products we manufacture suitable to be fitted to your vehicle.

Through analytics we are able to determine that this function in itself is very popular with people finding their way to our website. It is easy to use, functional and informative, with more than 60% of visitors utilising this one function alone.

The hero.

The next element, and most readily available websearchblog2to visitors, is the ability to find a dealer close to where you live, work or are able to access easily. With more than 43.5% of our website visitors being new to our site, more than 2,000 people each month are using this function alone. The ability to find a dealer easily is by far the most sought after function on our main page, once you have determined that we do indeed manufacture a bar to suit your vehicle.

This search provides information that includes the dealer business name, location, distance from the postcode you entered and contact phone number.

It’s a great idea to reduce the km down to 25km initially, expanding the field until you retrieve a number of available dealers within a radius accessible and within an acceptable distance from your location.


There’s a still lot more we can do, if you click the name of the dealer you choose we have included integration to google maps to enable you to easily navigate to where you need to go. We also hope to integrate a tap to call and tailored content from our dealer sources externally to our internal systems in the not too distant future.websearchblog3_2The functions outlined above, as well as others within our website, also assist our dealers in making enquiries on your behalf, ordering the right products and tracking the progress of the orders. Having the ability and flexibility to inform you of fitting dates and product releases also helps to build a relationship with your dealer.

A capable website search does more than just deliver to our customers, relevant and engaging content, it helps you find the right dealer, build a relationship so so they can do their job well and you can focus your attention on your future adventures.

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