Are you considering fitment of a bullbar or nudge bar to your vehicle?

Here are some facts and views you may want to consider.

East Coast Bullbars take pride producing excellence in manufacturing from our state of the art facilities right here in Australia, developing the company’s very strong market place reputation. We strive to deliver to our customers the right product, on time, the first time, without any compromise in quality.

Put simply, we love what we do. We boldly say we manufacture the ‘World’s Best Alloy Bullbars’ and that is something everyone at ECB believes and lives. We put it on the walls, we wear it on our shirts, we put it into the products and we practice what we preach.groupshotcropped

Definitively, the bullbar is a rigid structure, fixed to the front of a vehicle and is designed to protect a vehicle against damage to essential components like the radiator and headlights when you hit a kangaroo, other wildlife or livestock.

Being brought up in the Regional Australia, including Outback regions, with a droving father, I have learned first-hand how uniquely expansive and diverse our Australian territory and terrain is. Many remote roads connecting rural communities are heavily populated by livestock and wildlife, especially kangaroos. Just a trip to the shop can be an adventure some would prefer not to

I have lived in most parts of Australia, including 8 years in the Snowy Mountains area and 3 years in the Victorian Alps, where a unwelcome meeting with a kangaroo, or even deer, was a daily occurrence. Along with livestock issues, driving through these areas could be hazardous to say the least. Most of these animals are sizable enough to disable even a large vehicle, and even cause personal injury in a collision, sometime serious.

Having a bullbar or nudge bar fitted to your vehicle can make all the difference between being stranded a long distance from the nearest town, or having little or no damage to the vehicle after a kangaroo, or other animal, strike. When the risk is elevated by below freezing or scorching temperatures, the decision to add protection can be one of a much more serious nature. Being able to drive to a repairer or assistance can mean security for many regional travelers across Australia.


As well as being aesthetically pleasing addition to your vehicle, an East Coast Bullbars Alloy Big Tube™ Bar or Nudge Bar, is an added safety feature and very functional. With minimal weight, ECB bars provide strength, safety and better fuel economy than the added weight of a steel bar.

Types of bars fitted to vehicles vary greatly between country and city areas. Rural vehicles, or those that travel predominantly in rural areas, are more likely to be fitted with bullbars, where a reasonable nudge bar may be more than enough protection for a vehicle predominantly city bound and likely to travel less frequently to regional areas of Australia.

Wherever you dive, choose your bar responsibly.

Bullbars – With or without a winch?rav_4_bt_fog_angle_view_gray-base_134643

If you travel anywhere in regional Australia on a regular basis, a Big Tube™ Bar may be the best option for your vehicle. You may also like to consider the addition of a winch if you travel extensively on remote tracks and trails, there isn’t always someone else around to help you out of a sticky situation. The types of vehicles that may be equipped with bullbars vary from four wheel drives and commercial vans, to trucks, and to a lesser extent, sedans.

Nudge Bars – How much frontal protection do I Printneed?

If you don’t travel outside the city or urban areas very often, you may decide that a nudge bar is sufficient protection for your vehicle and occupants on the rare occasions you venture out into remote areas. The main purpose is to protect the vehicle’s essential components in the event of an impact, to a point where it may still be driven following a collision with an animal.

Bullbars and Airbags

All bars manufactured by East Coast Bullbars are tested and certified Air Bag Compatible. Adding an non-certified bullbar to your vehicle has the potential to alter the triggering characteristics of the airbag, reducing its effectiveness. Computers used to trigger Air Bag inflation are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Fitment of non-certified bars may also result in increased risk of injury to the vehicle occupants seated where an airbag is fitted.

Many new vehicles also have forward parking and driving sensors fitted and ECB takes  great pride in testing and retesting fitments, functionality and designs to ensure everything works the way the manufacturer intended. With new model vehicles being released with lane control, extra care is required to ensure compatibility.

So before using your vehicle to venture outside of Urban Australia and into the excitingly beautiful, regional and rural areas of our wonderful country, stop for a moment and take time to consider the added safety of fitting an Australian Made ECB Bar to your vehicle. It may well make all the difference to the enjoyment of your trip and your safety.

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